The Who Anthology Exhibition

The Who, from mega worldwide stardom and fame, to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame, presenting The Who Anthology Exhibition.

This incredible exhibition, as well as experience, will debut The Who’s Experiential Exhibition & Immersive EP: Who’s Here. This a locational experience for everyone from 8-80 that is set to tour the world from 2022. The experiential exhibition is due to kick off this tour in the seaside town of Hastings, where it will be housed in St Andrews Mews for 4 months. This exhibition will consist of two different aspects, those being the exhibition itself, and The Immersive EP experience. The Exhibition will look at the history of the band and a look at their influence across popular culture taking place across a series of exhibition and extended reality rooms, and The Immersive EP experience will be an immersive, room to room, multi-sensory experience of The Who’s greatest songs leading to a mod themed pop-up cocktail and snacks bar. Different rooms will tell different chapters of their lives, careers and unforgettable history, for fans to get lost in and long term fans to hop in a Who time machine. The experiential exhibition aims to convey the visceral energy of The Who through a series of spaces that communicate the band’s long and colourful history, from children growing up after the war, through becoming mod icons, writing Tommy and their catapult to global rock superstars from their now legendary performance at Woodstock. It will be divided into a series of rooms and spaces, each one of which will tell a chapter in the band’s career, leading towards a room that celebrates their place in cultural history through the bands and the fashions and the art they’ve influenced through their definition of what a rock band is, using artworks, photographs in frames, paste-up images and artefacts and memorabilia. As well as physical artefacts from The Who, the exhibition will also include elements of set building to enhance the immersiveness of the experience. These set-built items are also intended to be extended digitally through the use of XR technologies; Every object in the museum, will, when pointed at with an AR capable mobile device or tablet, launch either video, volumetric video, image, audio files and 3D models with animations. This whole experience, from exhibition to the multi-sensory inducing EP floor, will all be narratively directed by none other than Dave Brolan.

Dave Brolan is as passionate about photography as he is about music and musicians; he is a highly respected photo editor, curator and archivist specialising in music photography. He consults for museums, galleries, magazines, publishers and record companies worldwide. Dave is the editor of the books Baron Wolman: The Rolling Stone Years, Trust: The Photographs of Jim Marshall, Real Moments: Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein and Hell & Redemption: Johnny Cash by Andy Earl, as well as several Reel Art Press publications. He also curated ‘Gibson Through the Lens’ with his meticulous labour of love to highlight the photographic works and the rock artistes in their element. features works by some of the world’s most respected rock photographers. The 60 photographic prints of who’s who of the rock legends includes guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Sir Paul McCartney, Slash, Dave Grohl, Jack White and more – all with their Gibson guitars. The exhibition came to India after touring London, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles. Dave, with his brilliant vision for photography, photo editing, research, curating and archiving, will bring the narrative to life in the upcoming The Who Anthology Exhibition, with his fantastic knowledge, experience and history.

Speaking of history, we cannot skip past the legacy that The Who as a band brought to Hastings, with their gig on Hastings Pier on the 19th July, 1969. Hastings is the town that saw The Who’s mod fans descend to their performance of their legendary rock opera Tommy, on July 20th 1969, the night of the moon landings. The early evening Who performance was high octane and their instruments smashed before fans rode home or were picked by their parents to watch Neil Armstrong take ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ Many locals rampaged down to see the band, feeling their raw energy and chaos screaming at them, and went home completely unaware of the rise to fame this band would receive just less than a month later on August 17th 1969, when they played Woodstock in America, where they absolutely catapulted to stardom and domination. Having such a historical collision of The Who's legendary, explosive performance, as well as the night of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, with booming culture of mods and rockers and rock and roll, and combining them all into a sensory inducing, immersive escapade of excitement in the home town of all of these renowned moments in the past, and celebrating this history using such futuristic and exceptional technology is an event to be remembered.

'The Who Anthology Exhibition' will be hosted at St Andrews Mews, Hastings, date to be confirmed.

Blog by Libby Mitchell

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