Superman Is Dead - Dennis Morris

@ 53a Neal Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9PJ

Street parties, crashing hotel rooms and celebrating all things British is easy with the music and spirit of Punk legends, The Sex Pistols. The Wall Of Fame Gallery is putting together and celebration to mark our monarch’s platinum jubilee and the sapphire jubilee of the Pistols’ annus mirabilis, in the form of a stand-out exhibition showcasing the work and documentation of legendary Dennis Morris. Not only will the exhibition be highlighting Morris’ personal and exquisite touch on his string of photography, but it will also feature new release editions, merch and a speech collaboration with another masterful artist, Shepard Fairey. 

"Working from the title, S.I.D (Superman Is Dead), these photographs sum up/present the image Sid portrayed of himself to the public.”

From the age of 8, Dennis was captured and fascinated by cameras, known more commonly in his area as ‘Mad Dennis’ as his interests were away from football, and at 11 his photograph was printed and debuted on the cover of the Daily Mirror. His career truly started to kick-off when he bunked off school, waiting for Bob Marley to make his way to soundchecks near him to snap an action shot of him. Marley was intrigued by this teenager snapping shots of him, so he invited Morris to accompany him for the rest of the tour to keep taking pictures for him. Like anyone would, he packed his bag and hopped on that bus with his camera ready, not knowing that this tour would break him into the worldwide public eye and get him on the cover of Time Out and Melody Maker before turning 17. Reggae lover Johnny Rotten saw the photos and admired Dennis greatly and soon requested that he took the first official pictures for the Sex Pistols after their signing to Virgin Records. Dennis was the same age as the Pistols and they soon learned to trust him completely, allowing him unrestricted access to their strange and chaotic existence. For a year, Dennis trailed the band, taking hundreds of undisputed classic shots of the band. The only photographer to put the Sex Pistols fully at ease in front of the lens, Dennis's work with the band established, not only their public image but also Dennis' position as one of the most exciting and striking music photographers in the country. 

"He was a hero, villain, fearless, innocent ad like a supernova, he shone bright, lived fast and died young. Punk needed a hero, Sid became that hero/anti-hero.” 

After the original exhibition debuted over 8 years ago in America, Wall Of Fame presented Superman Is Dead, a visitation of an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the up-close and personal artistry of Dennis Morris and special features, including new release editions; all manner of merch, and a collab with the legendary urban artist Shepard Fairey.

God Save Her Maj.